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Things to Do in Ganjam

Ganjam is one of the primary tourist attractions of Odisha state. Its scores of temples and beaches & lakes are amongst must visit tourist destinations of Odisha. Besides, Ganjam is proudly one of the cultural centers of Odisha. Its centuries old regional theater, dance and handicraft are still admired by people across India. All in all, Ganjam has many things that are worth doing and experiencing. Below is detailed information about what all things one should not miss doing or experiencing while vacationing in Ganjam.

Plan a trip to Gopalpur on Sea Beach

Things to do in Ganjam

There is no beautiful way to relax than on beautiful and serene beach. And fortunately Ganjam happens to be home to one such beach. It’s called Gopalpur-on-Sea. It is located just 15 kms away from Berhampur town. It offers everything that any typical happening beach would offer – shopping, eateries, spectacular sunset view and peace & serene ambiance all around. In other words, Gopalpur-on-Sea Beach is one place in Ganjam where fun and relaxation are assured for sure. And quite needless to say, visit to Gopalpur-on-Sea Beach has to be in your ‘things to do’ list while you’re on a vacation to Ganjam.

Visit Tampara Lake

How about enjoying a boating ride on a beautiful lake and followed by peaceful stroll on vast stretches of cashew plantations? For most people this would be perfect way to unwind themselves. And this is exactly what famous Tampara Lake offers to you. It is located just 34 kms away from Chatrapur town – administrative headquarter of Ganjam District. The lake and its surrounding areas are pretty well maintained, which has indeed helped this place in becoming one of the hottest picnic spots amongst localities of Chatrapur and its adjoining towns. You as a tourist will equally enjoy this place. It has all the virtues to be in your ‘must do’ list.

Enjoy Sightseeing at Chilika Lake

Intresting things to do in Ganjam

If you simply love to be around nature and especially love to see rare species of birds, then visit to Chilika Lake will prove to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. This is no exaggeration at all. Chilika Lake has some of the unique virtues and features that probably no other lake of India can boost. To begin with, it is the biggest inland lake in entire Asia. But its true specialty is that it is largest sanctuary for migratory birds in entire Indian sub continent. Birds from as far as Russia, Serbia and other European countries fly here to take shelter during migratory seasons. In other words, Chilika Lake is nothing short of heaven on earth for any genuine bird lover.

Explore beautiful temples of Ganjam

Ganjam tourism

Ganjam, like all other important regions of india, is home to innumerable temples. Amongst these Tara Tarini Temple and Bhairabi Temple are the most sacred and most visited temples of Ganjam District. Tara Tarini Temple, which is located on hillock and surrounded by immense lush greenery, especially draws huge number of devotees every day. Visit to Tara Tarini Temple is especially one of the must do activities in Ganjam. Its location on beautiful hillock and surrounding rich flora will completely soothe your mind and heart. As for Bhairavi Temple, it has its own charm and beauty and is equally worth visiting. Another temple that should be in your list is Taptapani Temple, one of the famous healing pilgrimage centers of Odisha. All in all, visit to these temples will prove to be deep spiritual experience that you surely won’t want to miss.

Shop for silk sarees and handicraft items

Silk Sarees and handicraft items are the two specialties of Ganjam. Hence if you anytime go out for shopping in Chatrapur or Berhampur, then these items have to be in your shopping list. Berhampur – one of the important towns of Ganjam – is in fact considered as silk center of India. The town is filled with hordes of silk saree shops, where you’ll get to buy unparallel and unmatched quality of silk sarees. Quality handicraft items too are easily available throughout Ganjam region. Here it is pertinent to mention that over the years Ganjam’s handicraft products have earned immense international recognition. Overall, buying Silk Sarees and handicraft items are surely one of the must do activities as and when you visit Ganjam region.

Other worth doing things in Ganjam includes enjoying food at some of the finest multi cuisine restaurants located in Chatrapur and Berhampur. We’d highly recommend multi cuisine restaurants located on Gopalpur-on-Sea beach. Some of these restaurants directly face this beautiful beach. Besides, there are few cinema halls in Chatrapur and Berhampur where latest Oriya, Bengali and Bollywood movies are played round the year.

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