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Public Utility Services in Ganjam

Quality and efficiency of public utility services is not only important for development of Ganjam. Since Ganjam is one of the biggest and also one of the most populated districts of Odisha state. In other words, Odisha’s fortunate are very deeply interlinked with success or failure of Ganjam . So, here is complete information about all its public utility services.

Public Utility Services in Ganjam

Electricity Supply in Ganjam

Electricity supply to Ganjam or for that matter to all southern Odisha is sole responsibility of Southco (Southern Electricity Supply Company Of Odisha Limited), a completely state owned company that was incorporated in year 1997. The purpose of establishing this company was to improve power supply and regulate better power distribution across all southern districts. However, despite all the noble intentions of Southco, load shedding is still a huge problem in Ganjam and also in rest of southern districts. This is not only owing to infrastructure deficiencies but also due to huge rise in power consumption across the district during last few years.

Southco Corporate Office
Toll Free no: 1800 3456 797.
Courtpeta, Berhampur, Ganjam, Orissa - 760 004.
Email Id:,

Health Services in Ganjam

On the front of healthcare services Ganjam offers decently robust service. There are decent numbers of public as well as private hospitals to take care of basic health care needs of the entire district. The only disadvantage is that barring few most of the hospitals are not advanced and world class. And amongst very few world class hospitals MKCG Hospital (Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati Medical College and Hospital) is considered as the most advanced and most trusted one. It is located in Brahmapur Town. Nonetheless, many of these hospitals are advanced enough to perform many critical operations and surgeries.

Medical Services in Ganjam

Besides, there are also good numbers of clinics coupled with good number of chemist shops throughout the district. Although on the front of emergency services, Ganjam still has a long way to go. As of today there are only few licensed blood banks in entire district and only few hospitals offer ambulance services.

Christian Hospital
Address: Zanana Hospital Road, Ganjam, Berhampur- 760001
Phone: (0680) 2206277

Important health officials contact address.
Chief District Medical Officer: 9439985006, 0680-225383
Asst. District Medical Officer (MED): 9439985004
Asst. District Medical Officer (PH): 9439985000
Asst. District Medical Officer (FW & IMN.): 9439985007

District Leprosy Officer 9439985146
District Malaria Officer: 9439985141

Banking Services in Ganjam

Today big and trusted banks like SBI, PNB, HDFC and ICICI are operating their branches and ATM’s in big cities like Berhampur and Chatrapur and many of its adjoining towns. Besides, cooperative banks and non scheduled banks also have adequate presence in the district. While presence of banks and Atms has definitely risen in few cities and towns, but even today major population of Ganjam is still dependent on private money lenders for their financial needs and services. Nonetheless, Ganjam never had so many banks as it has today and the number is only expected increase in distant future.

Transport Services in Ganjam

Ganjam has in place pretty efficient transport services. Good number of auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are available in Chatrapur town and Brahmapur Town. Moreover, this year State Government has also started city bus service between Chatrapur and Brahmapur town. This newly inaugurated bus service though is still in nascent stage and hence frequencies are way too low. So, all in all auto rickshaws and hand rickshaws are the most popular local mode of transportation. As far as connectivity is concerned, then via railway Ganjam is connected to almost all the important cities of India.

Important services in Ganjam

Chatrapur Railway Station and Brahmapur Railway Station are two most important railway stations of Ganjam District. They both are located on rail route that connects Kolkata and Chennai. They directly connect Ganjam to New Delhi, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Cuttack, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Puri, Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, Raipur and Sambalpur. Besides, state owned OSRTC Buses (Odisha State Road Transport Corporation) connects Ganjam to almost all the important cities and districts of Odisha. OSRTC offers bus services only within Odisha state.

Safety and Security in Ganjam

Ensuring safety and security of immensely big and populated district like Ganjam is indeed daunting and challenging task. To successfully meet and overcome this challenging task Odisha State Government has put in place huge network of police stations and fire stations throughout entire district. The network covers all the strategic locations, towns and villages of the district. The number of police stations as of today is 36, whereas there are only 10 fire stations in the entire district. While importance of fire stations in saving precious life in fire accidents is very obvious, but efficiency of police stations accounts for more importance. Since their efficiency or inefficiency has direct implication on law and order of the entire region, which subsequently has implication on region’s political and economic stability. Therefore Odisha State Government has duly ensured that all the police stations in Ganjam district are supervised by able officers and are equipped with latest communication systems and weapons.

Superintendent of Police, Ganjam, Chatrapur
Phone : 06811-263366
Email :

Superintendent of Police, Brahmapur, Dist-Ganjam
Phone : 0680-2292991
Email :

Contact Information of Fire Stations
Chatrapur: (06811) 262600/101
Berhampur: (0680) 2203333

Fuel Supply in Ganjam

Imporant services in GanjamFor region like Ganjam uninterrupted supply of LPG gas and petrol is immensely critical for its day to day administration. Even a single day without their supply would unarguably bring lives of thousands of people to standstill. Today demand for LPG gas and petrol/oil in Ganjam is more than ever before. This is very much true for at least Berhampur and Chatrapur, two main cities of Ganjam district. The maximum users of LPG gas cylinders reside in these two cities and highest concentration of vehicles are also in these two cities itself. Needless to say, gas agencies and petrol pumps are present in adequate numbers in these two cities to meet over-exceeding demand. Hence today there are more than decent number of gas agencies and petrol pumps all throughout the district.

Balaji Indane
Address: Rambha, Nh-5, Main Road, Ganjam – 761028
Mobile no: +(91)-9437262275,
Phone no: +(91)-6810-278335

Badal Gas
Address: Hilpatana, Berhampur, Ganjam – 760005
Mobile no: +(91)-9437063131,
Phone no: +(91)-680-2200571, 2212431

Daya Filling Station
Address: NH-5, Chatrapur Road, Ganjam- 761026
Opposite Shiv Mandir,
Phone no: (6811) 263031

Postal Services in Ganjam

When it comes to postal services then government owned Indian Post Office still holds the monopoly in Ganjam district. While private courier services have definitely widened their network and presence in big cities like Berhampur and Chatrapur. People there obviously have to depend on local branches of Indian Post Offices for sending and receiving posts and money orders. But in near future it is expected that private courier companies will expand their network in small towns and villages too, as they will desperately seek their customer base and profitability.

Madhur Courier Services
Chittaranjan Complex,
Old Bus Stand, Berhampur University,
Ganjam – 760007

Track on Couriers
Brahmanchhai, Ganjam – 761103
Mobile no: +(91)-9338233115

Speed & Safe Courier Services Pvt Ltd
Main Road, Buguda,
Ganjam – 761118
Phone no: +(91)-6818-250220

Telecom Services in Ganjam

Telecom Services in Ganjam

Ganjam never enjoyed such amazing Mobile and internet service as it enjoys today. Today not only mainstream cities and towns but even small villages enjoy uninterrupted mobile services. Reliance, Tata Indicom, Airtel, Vodafone are prime telecom opeartors in the city and the district. Besides, 3G and 2G internet services are also available in many parts of Ganjam. However – all said and done – there are still few villages in the deep interiors of the district where mobile and internet services are still not available. But these few remaining villages will surely be covered in coming years. Overall, today Ganjam is very much integral part of mobile and internet that continues to sweep across India.

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